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When the time came to open my own business I couldn’t do anything else than to call on my friends cigar smokers and my friends cigar masters from Cuba who jumped immediately to start creating our amazing cigar blends. I am very proud to work with Vicente Castillo, who is in charge of all the quality and operation of our factory Nicatabaco SA in Esteli, Crisanto Cardenas (Santo) with over 55 years as a master blender and cigar roller, as our brand ambassador, Eradio Pichardo, my partner in the plantation in Ecuador and the factory in Nicaragua, and many others that are the real experts and cigar artists behind the success of our cigars.


A strategic partnership has been formed between Roberto Pelayo Duran Cigars and Nicatabaco SA of Esteli, Nicaragua. Nicatabaco is the ultimate cigar factory in Esteli. We have appointed Cuban experts with many years of experience in leaf processing and factory operations to run the factory. The team of Cuban experts classify hundreds of packs of tobacco, making sure our brands only use the best raw materials. All our cigar brands are 100% handmade by 20 skilled cigar rollers and buncheros. The size of operation allows us to maintain a dedication to quality and excellence, setting Roberto Duran and Azan cigars apart from its competitors.


Kwan Ben Sen and his two brothers migrate from China to Havana, Cuba, to eventually settle in Manicaragua, the center of Cuba. Kwan adopts the Cuban name: Domingo Azan and he is soon known by Cubans as the ‘Chinese from Manicaragua’. Together with his sons and nephews he starts to produce hand made cigars. The cigars become very well known in the region, using long filler tobacco leaves from Hoyo de Manicaragua, which is considered one of the top tobacco region in Cuba. Luck is on Mr Azan’s side, he wins the national lottery. He invests the money into building a state-of-the-art cigarette factory.


Azan Cigars are 100% Handmade by skilled cigar rollers and buncheros.


  • Standards and Quality

    A vertically integrated boutique organization from seed to super premium cigars, hand rolled in the old Cuban tradition of evolution and progressive flavor.
  • Fincas Azan

    We at Fincas Azan S.A. grow all of our wrappers. Our brands are made exclusively with Habano Criollo and Corojo wrappers grown in our farm in Ecuador.
  • Cuban Tradition

    Our cigar making philosophy is the Evolution and Progressive Flavor (EPF) contruction method. EPF is the old Cuban Tradition of cigar making where the flavor gains strength and intensifies from beginning to end.
  • From Good to Perfect

    Our cigar evolve from good to perfect to marvelous as you smoke it, making your smoking experience truly intereting and enjoyable.


Azan Cigars are the result of over 400 years of combined experience in tobacco growing, cigar blending and manufacturing and is supervised by a group of retired Cuban cigar experts. All are devoted to making the only Cuban Cigar brand ever made by Chinese, into a product with exceptional quality. Azan Cigars, with its unique brand heritage, are made with only 100% natural wrappers from Ecuador. The Cuban seed Corojo wrappers are of high quality; they’re flexible and oily, with a medium dark-brown color and excellent sweet tasting.


Evolution and Progressive Flavor.

Roberto P. Duran
Roberto P. Duran
White Premium
Azan Tobacco
Azan Tobacco
Burgundy Tubo
Azan Tobacco
Maduro Natural
Azan Tobacco


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  • Cigar Smoker - 94
  • Cigar Snob - 91

Neya is one of three new brands launched by Roberto P. Duran Cigars at the 2014 IPCPR Trade Show. It was a year ago where the company made its debut and released three blends under the Azan brand of cigars. The addition of these new brands has been one part of an aggressive expansion effort by the company. Over the past month, the company has also expanded its sales force including adding former Toraño Family Cigar employees Miguel Schoedel (as National Sales Manager), Jack Toraño (as Florida / Caribbean Sales Manager and Marketing), and Frank Cuden (Sales). This expansion will no doubt expand distribution on some very good products being produced by the company. The Neya brand is positioned as a premium offering in the portfolio. It has two blends, Neya Classic and Neya F8. Today we take a look at the Neya Classic in the Cañonazo. Overall I considered this to be an excellent cigar and one that provides some great value to the consumer.

Roberto P. Duran Cigars is named for its owner and founder, Roberto Pelayo Duran. Originally from Cuba, Roberto started out as a cigar production supervisor in that country. He then went on to assemble and manage all Cuban cigar brands for The Pacific Cigar Company, Ltd. He has also served as consultant to British American Tobacco working on their global brand strategy. As for Duran's company, he has established a vertically integrated model. The company owns their own factory in Nicaragua called Fabrica NicaTabaco. The company also owns a plantation in Ecuador called Finca Azan. This puts the Roberto P. Duran Cigars in a unique position where they grown much of their own Ecuadorian wrapper as opposed to sourcing it... Read More

Today we take a look at the Azan Burgundy Short Campana, from Roberto Duran Cigars. Sized at 4 3/8" x 46 this Burgundy may be small, but don't let that fool you, it's crammed full of big flavors. Let's take a look at the flavors first. Testing cold aromas, from the foot, there were notes of wheat straw and the free cold draw tasted like sweet over ripe tree fruit. Once the Azan Burgundy was burning ,the initial mild bodied flavor mix was oak, white pepper and caramel. It was nice, but that's just the beginning. Soon to follow were notes of sweet cream, sugar, toast leather and brown sugar, all of this took place in the first inch. As it burned on, the sweet cream with sugar came back plus other nuances of, sweet tea, nuts and earth The cigar finished with a medium bodied mix of sweet cream and mild black pepper.

Looking back at the construction, this little stick was well put together. The claro colored wrapper was seamless, nearly vein free and it was packed tightly from head to foot. At thirty-five minutes,smoking time was a bit shorter than expected, but in the acceptable range, and the burn line was razor sharp full length. Overall, the Azan Burgundy Short Campana was a fantastic stick with it's complex mix of flavors, top-notch construction and a price right around $4.00. These still might be bit hard to track down, but if you find one, don't pass it up... Read More

The first time I ever heard of Azan was when I was gifted one by Rene Castaneda at an event in Miami. We recently reviewed the Burgundy Line, and today we look at the Azan White Premium Line. According to Cigar Aficionado, “Azan, an old, privately owned Cuban brand started by a Chinese immigrant before Fidel Castro nationalized the industry. It disappeared after the Revolution, but is now back as a Nicaraguan brand, restarted this year by Roberto Pelayo Duran. Azan officially debuted at the 2013 IPCPR. “This must have been the only Cuban cigar brand started by a Chinese immigrant,” said Pelayo Duran, whose wife is a descendant of Azan’s original founder. The new Azan line was first launched in Hong Kong last April but now has distribution in the United States. Pelayo Duran was formerly employed by Pacific Cigar Ltd. and Havana House, both of which are major Habanos S.A. distribution hubs, bringing Cuban cigars to the Asia Pacific and Canadian regions.”

Appearance & Construction: The Corojo wrapper from Ecuador that covers the Azan White Premium Line has an evenly colored hue to it with a lot of thin veins throughout. The cigar has a firm roll and a nice weight to it. Looking at the cigar there is a nice sheen to it from the oils of the leaf. The foot reveals a well packed cigar where the Mata Fina is visible to the eye. The band denotes Azan in gold, over white with the words “Est. Cuba 1928″ and the back denotes Made in Nicaragua... Read More


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Cigar Pre-Review: Roberto P. Duran Rio Toa

At the 2014 IPCPR Trade Show in Las Vegas Nevada, Roberto P. Duran Cigars launched three new lines of cigars. One of those cigars was the company's eponymous cigar named after its founder - called the Roberto P. Duran Cigar. The eponymous-named Roberto P. Duran Cigar has a specific role as it has been intended to introduce a "super premium" cigar into the line. It was a year ago where the company made its debut and released three blends under the Azan line of cigars. Overall, I have been impressed with the work this company has been doing - and this is certainly is another outstanding cigar released by the company.

SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2014

Roberto P. Duran Premium Cigars makes another bold move.

Roberto Pelayo Duran is proud to announce that Jack Torañoof the Toraño cigar family will now oversee sales in Florida and the Caribbean for Roberto P. Duran Premium Cigars. This announcement comes only days after the announcement of the hiring of Miguel Shoedel and Frank Cuden.Jack Toraño spent 3 years with Toraño Family Cigar Company as Director of Marketing until its acquisition by General Cigars. Roberto Pelayo Duran said: “Jack Toraño was an integral part of Toraño Family Cigar Company and we are ecstatic to have him on board at Roberto P. Duran Premium Cigar Company.

OCTOBER 9th, 2014

Cigar Federation: Azan White Premium Robusto

My first experience with Azan was rather pleasant, so I was very excited to get into another one of their releases for review in the White Premium line. The Robusto was what I chose, as the size is a personal favorite. If you recall in my first review (Click Here for the Burgundy review!), every size is rolled by one roller, and there is something about knowing one guy made my cigars that appeals to me. I am curious to try all the different sizes and see which ones really stand out, as the personal attention to detail was obvious in the construction of my first Azan. Knowing there is a hint of Brazlian leaf in the filler always intrigues me, as that region has a distinct sugary note that always stands out.

MAY 16th, 2014


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